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December 14, 2006

Impact of Tata’s Rs.1Lakh car

Filed under: Opinions — Sanju Rajan @ 6:54 pm

As hinted in my previous post, I have a strong disapproval for the 3-wheeler autos mainly because of their huge contribution to the worse pollution levels in our country. And for the same reason I hate Bajaj 😀 for making these 3-legged monsters in such huge numbers , eventhough they have in the recent past come up with some exciting bikes like Pulsar,Discover,etc. Another matter  that is really frustrating is the people with literally no road manners. I agree that autos are THE inevitable means of commutation in India especially where the public transportation is not upto the mark. Additionally it is directly or indirectly, the bread and butter for some many million people in India.

In the same lines ,I feel that Tata’s Rs.1Lakh car is also going to create a bad impact on the state of affairs here in India. I was reading an article on the same in rediff. As the author narrates, the margin between the 1Lakh car and a bike would reduce, thereby encouraging the youth with so much of disposable cash to stretch a bit and buy the 1Lakh car in place of a bike. This will in-turn congest our roads which are already in a bad state and worsen the pollution as well. Morover the same number of passengers who travelled in the bike would be traveling in a car.More number of cars implies that more amount of fuel is required which will in-turn create pressure on the hydrocarbon sectors thereby leading to increase in fuel cost. And these cars are not going to be anywhere near the bike in terms of fuel-efficiency.So the need of the hour are not just low cost cars, but fuel efficient cars which are value for money.

I feel the only solution for this is to improve the public transportation which will encourage more people to give up their private vehicles and utilize the public transportation.In addition it will reduce the congestion in our roads and help in bringing down the pollution levels.


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