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January 6, 2007

India Poised !!

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“Times of India” has christened 2007 as the year of India and has started a campaign called “India Poised” through their newspaper and the news channel TIMES NOW. And Big B had volunteered to recite the India Poised anthem. The anthem is really inspiring. The theme of the anthem is the two Indias within the country and how the whole country is transforming from one India to the other.

Check out Amitabh Bacchan reciting the anthem

and here’s the India Poised anthem in text form

Yes, India has finally arrived and India’s resurging economy is definitely proof for it !! India has already proved that its not just the “The land of snake charmers, heritage and culture” which was perceived earlier, but that it has got much more value to add. Today it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and everybody is taking notice. The surge in foreign investment of late is an indication for this. This is the India I have always dreamt of and it is happening, though in a slow and steady pace. Jai Hind !!


January 1, 2007

Online Education for free

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Just stumbled upon this link (thanks to ‘Times of India’ newspaper).

Want top-notch education at the click of a mouse ? UC Berkeley known to be an outstanding school, especially for computer science have some of their lectures archived in the form of mp3,podcasts,video streams and posted on the web, all for FREE. Berkeley webcasts are a superb resource as they let you learn from amazing teachers and accomplished professionals.

The other link was of the MIT OpenCourseware. Its an excellent,free and open educational resource for educators, students and self learners around the world. Now you can access the valuable MIT resources without actually being there 🙂

I found both the links really valuable and worth sharing.

The year that went by…

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First post in the new year…

New year is the time when most of the people go through a retrospection about the previous year . Things that went wrong or could have been better avoided, something that could be done better and some of the opportunities that were missed, lost friends/relatives. When I look back at the year that went by, I feel it was pretty much a good one both on the personal and professional front barring some of the bad incidents.. After all whats life without ups and downs. The ups gives you a sense of achievement and the downs give you a reason to get motivated and work harder.

Again New year is the time when people make new resolutions. Check out some of the top 10 commonly made new year resolutions. I’m sure you’ll find some of your resolutions as well in the list.

Looking forward to the new year with lot of dreams and expectations and Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous new year (2007).

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