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February 4, 2007

Another trip to Nandi Hills…

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I’m back blogging after a long gap. Anyways I’m happy to be back.

What do you do when you get bored of seeing a place again and again ? You can either try another new place or go to the same place with the willingness to get bored again 🙂 But I was neither interested in visiting a new place for some reason nor willing to get bored again. Thats when I decided – Why don’t I try the same place at a different time ? And thats exactly what we did last month for the long weekend got by clubbing the Jan15th-Sankranthi holiday.We decided to visit Nandi Hills early morning to see the sunrise. My good friend Anoop as usual was rearing to go for some trip with his newly acquired beauty – the brand new Hyundai Verna – Power of more than 100 horses. I just sowed this idea in his head and there he was jumping on his feet to go.go..go…Morover my mom had also not visited this place. FYI..If you are staying in Bengalooru,Nandi Hills is the only good place in the 100kms radius.. I might be wrong, but thats what you feel when you visit there during the day. We pinged few of our other friends and none of them were interested when they heard Nandi Hills…

Anoop was very punctual and he reached my house sharp at 5:30am in the morning and we started at around 5:45am from my flat in Marthahalli. The 6-lane freeway to Hyderabad was really enticing and at some point the road was not enough for the raw power of 100 horses – the muscular Hyundai Verna..But the odd bumps on the freeway was dangerous and sometimes invisible because of the zebras not running across it and the thick fog.We reached Nandi Hills in flat 90minutes. Oh! boy ! I was totally awestruck by the totally different and enchanting view of Nandi Hills. It was as if we were standing on top of the clouds. I was literally on cloud 9ine. The whole place was filled with fog with one or two hills popping up here and there in between at a distance…

Nandhi Hills

The place was not at all crowded unlike previous visits and that time of the day was the best to snap some good photographs with good lighting- I must say, the best time of the day to visit Nandi Hills.After some photography sessions we settled down for a light breakfast with the food we had packed.As we finished the breakfast we saw people climbing the hills and the place was slowly getting crowded.We made our way down through the cool breeze. And when we were driving down, we saw the fog clearing up and the whole valley was clear and visible, so got to see that as well.We stopped in between to buy some grapes which is said to be right from the grapeyards..who knows …And we were back in Bangalore by 10:30am…To sum it up – a short and sweet trip !!

20070114-081604-nandi_hills_jan07-033.jpg 20070114-072540-nandi_hills_jan07_aw-055.jpg 20070114-074332-nandi_hills_jan07-014.jpg 20070114-072553-nandi_hills_jan07-005.jpg



  1. Really mesmerizing!

    Comment by vipin — February 6, 2007 @ 4:25 pm

  2. Yes.. infact it was…Plan your next bike trip to Nandi Hills early in the morning 🙂 but be careful while riding…the freeway is too seductive..

    Comment by Sanju — February 7, 2007 @ 2:30 am

  3. Dear Blogger,

    I recently visited the place. Fortunately it was full of fog. Hopefully i missed your experiences. You took awesome pics. If you don’t mind, i’m copying those pics. Ofcourse, for Non-commerical purpose. And i don’t forget to mention the ample work of yours, in the form of credits.

    Wishing u all joy,
    S.R.Rajesh Kumar.

    Comment by S.R.Rajesh Kumar — November 10, 2009 @ 5:29 am

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