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February 12, 2007

Bangalore Bandh Over water…

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Today the silicon valley of India – Bengalooru has come to a standstill following a dawn to dusk bandh(general strike) called by pro-Kannada outfits to protest the last week’s award of Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal on water sharing between some of the south-Indian States. Check here to get an idea of what the Cauvery Dispute is all about. All the autos, buses, taxi cabs and other vehicles are off the roads and all the hotels,shops and others commercial establishments have downed shutters showing their support for the bandh. All the government offices and IT companies are also closed today, while some IT companies have given their employees an option to work from home. The company where I work has forcefully made me sick for a day 🙂 and has told me to better sit at home..Confused ? Ok I’ll clarify. All the employees have been given a days off without any additional working day on Saturday; but the catch is that a sick leave will be deducted from the total leaves we have.I really wish I could take my bike out for a ride as there will not be the normal hustle and bustle on the roads. But I wouldn’t dare to do it today !!

I was reading a report about water scarcity and the author mentions there is little question that water scarcity will be a problem in some regions in the future. Global warming is likely to alter rainfall patterns in many regions, and long-term planning for water supply must take this into consideration. Otherwise the next world war will not be for Oil,power, nuclear weapons,etc..but for water

How true !! We are already seeing signs of it back here !!!


February 8, 2007

Bangalore AeroShow 2007

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The sixth Aero India show opened at the Bangalore Yelahanka Air Force Base yesterday, with a galaxy of global civil and military aviation names coming in to show off their flying machines and other wares.Aero India Show is a biennial aerospace exhibition organized by the Indian Ministry of Defence in collaboration with other defence research organizations in India. The show aims at showcasing civil and military aircraft by manufactures, vendors and suppliers from the Indian Aerospace and Aviation industry as well as other offerings from allied service providers.

Heard that in addition to the exhibition, there will be daily flying demonstration featuring some of the most advanced and sophisticated aircraft, which include F-16, F-18 Hornet, C-130J, P-3 Orion, CH-47, C-17 from USA, Grippen from Sweden, MiG-29M (02) from Russia and Falcon from France

Lockheed Martin has staged a publicity coup by getting Mr Ratan Tata to fly as co-pilot on its F-16 on Day 1.

Looks like the number of participants in Aero India Show 2007 is expected to be much higher as against the figure recorded in the last show in 2005. I had attended the Aeroshow held in Bangalore in 2005 and it was worth every penny.As I stay near the HAL airport,I could see the fighter falcons doing the test rounds from the terrace of our apartment since last week and was really excited. But looks like getting the tickets this time is a herculean task by itself. I heard that tickets would be sold at the venue during the weekend. But I don’t want to take a chance by driving all the way till Yelahanka braving that mad traffic and then coming back dissappointed.

While tickets for the general public for entry into the flying display area will be priced at Rs.200 a day on weekdays and Rs.300 over the weekend,admission to the swanky exhibition halls will be at Rs.750 a day.

Check out some videos and photos of the SuryaKiran stunts, I shot during my last visit to the Aeroshow in 2005. One of their attempts to draw a heart/love 🙂 symbol in the sky was really fantastic and well received by the crowd.

aeroshow sukhoi love suryakiran

January 6, 2007

India Poised !!

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“Times of India” has christened 2007 as the year of India and has started a campaign called “India Poised” through their newspaper and the news channel TIMES NOW. And Big B had volunteered to recite the India Poised anthem. The anthem is really inspiring. The theme of the anthem is the two Indias within the country and how the whole country is transforming from one India to the other.

Check out Amitabh Bacchan reciting the anthem

and here’s the India Poised anthem in text form

Yes, India has finally arrived and India’s resurging economy is definitely proof for it !! India has already proved that its not just the “The land of snake charmers, heritage and culture” which was perceived earlier, but that it has got much more value to add. Today it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and everybody is taking notice. The surge in foreign investment of late is an indication for this. This is the India I have always dreamt of and it is happening, though in a slow and steady pace. Jai Hind !!

December 30, 2006

The Saddam era is over…

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Saddam Hussein

Today morning I woke up to the news of the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein been executed after finding him guilty for his atrocities towards humanity.Hussein’s half-brother and former intelligence chief Barzan Ibrahim, and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, head of the former Revolutionary Court, were also hanged.They were charged with the killings of 148 Shiite civilians in 1982.This has happened just hours before our Muslim brothers are celebrating Bakrid.

And the whole world seems to be divided upon the execution of the former Iraqi leader.Some saying that the trial was unfair which was brokered by US and others that he deserved it for his cruelty.

I’m a bit disturbed and confused by the whole issue ,eventhough I know that Saddam Hussein has done some cruel deeds.  Again the much emotional and controversial debate comes to fore. Should a criminal be hanged, no matter how serious a crime s/he does ?

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