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January 6, 2007

India Poised !!

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“Times of India” has christened 2007 as the year of India and has started a campaign called “India Poised” through their newspaper and the news channel TIMES NOW. And Big B had volunteered to recite the India Poised anthem. The anthem is really inspiring. The theme of the anthem is the two Indias within the country and how the whole country is transforming from one India to the other.

Check out Amitabh Bacchan reciting the anthem

and here’s the India Poised anthem in text form

Yes, India has finally arrived and India’s resurging economy is definitely proof for it !! India has already proved that its not just the “The land of snake charmers, heritage and culture” which was perceived earlier, but that it has got much more value to add. Today it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and everybody is taking notice. The surge in foreign investment of late is an indication for this. This is the India I have always dreamt of and it is happening, though in a slow and steady pace. Jai Hind !!


December 14, 2006

Impact of Tata’s Rs.1Lakh car

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As hinted in my previous post, I have a strong disapproval for the 3-wheeler autos mainly because of their huge contribution to the worse pollution levels in our country. And for the same reason I hate Bajaj 😀 for making these 3-legged monsters in such huge numbers , eventhough they have in the recent past come up with some exciting bikes like Pulsar,Discover,etc. Another matter  that is really frustrating is the people with literally no road manners. I agree that autos are THE inevitable means of commutation in India especially where the public transportation is not upto the mark. Additionally it is directly or indirectly, the bread and butter for some many million people in India.

In the same lines ,I feel that Tata’s Rs.1Lakh car is also going to create a bad impact on the state of affairs here in India. I was reading an article on the same in rediff. As the author narrates, the margin between the 1Lakh car and a bike would reduce, thereby encouraging the youth with so much of disposable cash to stretch a bit and buy the 1Lakh car in place of a bike. This will in-turn congest our roads which are already in a bad state and worsen the pollution as well. Morover the same number of passengers who travelled in the bike would be traveling in a car.More number of cars implies that more amount of fuel is required which will in-turn create pressure on the hydrocarbon sectors thereby leading to increase in fuel cost. And these cars are not going to be anywhere near the bike in terms of fuel-efficiency.So the need of the hour are not just low cost cars, but fuel efficient cars which are value for money.

I feel the only solution for this is to improve the public transportation which will encourage more people to give up their private vehicles and utilize the public transportation.In addition it will reduce the congestion in our roads and help in bringing down the pollution levels.

December 8, 2006

Contaminated World

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The road ahead was invisible.Not due to the winter fog that’s set in Bengalooru these days in the mornings.But due the thick black smoke emitted by the 3 wheeler – yup u guessed it right, Autorickshaw that was waiting in front of me for the green signal. You might be surprised because they dont normally wait for signals,right? It took me some seconds to gain back my consciousness before moving forward. The terrible thought of a contaminated world was well brooding over me as I zoomed past the 3 leg monster to save myself from the torture.Afterall what’s not contaminated in this world.The water we drink is contaminated, adulterate milk, pesticide wrapped vegetables, Pesti-colas 🙂 and what not. God save us..

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