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February 11, 2007

Mobile Shopping…

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No,I’m not going to write about buying a new mobile or online shopping using the mobile.
Have you heard about online shopping, window shopping,credit shopping and other types of shopping? Yes, I’m sure you would have. But yesterday while doing a round of grocery shopping in a supermarket chain here, I saw a different way of shopping. And I would describe it as mobile shopping. I saw a lady going around in between the huge racks with a trolley full of grocery items in one hand and a mobile phone in the other hand. She was talking out loud (obviously) over the mobile phone with somebody back home I guess, picking items one by one and dropping it in the trolley. The conversation was like this “Bread -1? ,Soap powder – 1kg ? washing shop- 2?, Noodles – 3 covers ?”. I was standing there with a list of items in a sticky/small piece of paper (as I have a very bad memory,time to upgrade RAM 🙂 ) and was just thinking – oh! the world has gone so much forward and people have invented new methods of shopping, thanks to the huge penetration of mobile phone.As I moved out of her way allowing her and her trolley full of items to continue forward, I was just wondering how much money are the mobile service providers reaping indirectly by these kind of inventive methods in different areas of a customer’s life. Don’t forget the money made through the TV polls, mobile contests, ringtones, hello tunes,etc..


February 8, 2007

Bangalore AeroShow 2007

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The sixth Aero India show opened at the Bangalore Yelahanka Air Force Base yesterday, with a galaxy of global civil and military aviation names coming in to show off their flying machines and other wares.Aero India Show is a biennial aerospace exhibition organized by the Indian Ministry of Defence in collaboration with other defence research organizations in India. The show aims at showcasing civil and military aircraft by manufactures, vendors and suppliers from the Indian Aerospace and Aviation industry as well as other offerings from allied service providers.

Heard that in addition to the exhibition, there will be daily flying demonstration featuring some of the most advanced and sophisticated aircraft, which include F-16, F-18 Hornet, C-130J, P-3 Orion, CH-47, C-17 from USA, Grippen from Sweden, MiG-29M (02) from Russia and Falcon from France

Lockheed Martin has staged a publicity coup by getting Mr Ratan Tata to fly as co-pilot on its F-16 on Day 1.

Looks like the number of participants in Aero India Show 2007 is expected to be much higher as against the figure recorded in the last show in 2005. I had attended the Aeroshow held in Bangalore in 2005 and it was worth every penny.As I stay near the HAL airport,I could see the fighter falcons doing the test rounds from the terrace of our apartment since last week and was really excited. But looks like getting the tickets this time is a herculean task by itself. I heard that tickets would be sold at the venue during the weekend. But I don’t want to take a chance by driving all the way till Yelahanka braving that mad traffic and then coming back dissappointed.

While tickets for the general public for entry into the flying display area will be priced at Rs.200 a day on weekdays and Rs.300 over the weekend,admission to the swanky exhibition halls will be at Rs.750 a day.

Check out some videos and photos of the SuryaKiran stunts, I shot during my last visit to the Aeroshow in 2005. One of their attempts to draw a heart/love 🙂 symbol in the sky was really fantastic and well received by the crowd.

aeroshow sukhoi love suryakiran

February 5, 2007

FM Radio Rush…

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When I first came to Bangalore in early 2003, I remember my friend clung happily to a radio.And I stood there wondering what’s happened to this guy- Is he going back in time when the whole world seems to have forgotten the radio and are glued to the idiot box – the Television? Gradually I realised that hearing the FM radio programmes/songs is a favourite pastime and an inevitable means of entertainment in the lives of an average Bangalorean.Especially when you are stuck in the traffic, the radio comes as a great blessing with the latest and the old numbers of Hindi and Kannada songs.The traffic updates broadcasted through the radio at times turned out to be useful to avoid those traffic stricken roads. You could hear the FM radio played from taxi cabs,BMTC buses,shops, houses and even from chauffeur driven cars with some corporate honchos glued with the EconomicTimes newspaper.

I too bought a small Philips pocket radio and at that time if I remember right,there were only 2 FM stations – the RadioCity FM91 and another station from All India Radio. Gradually it became my favourite pastime as well. In the mornings I remember getting up to the “Goooood Moooorning Bangalore” screams of RJ Vasanthi from RadioCity. Later when I got myself an Apple ipod, I was enthralled with it’s looks and usabality and slowly started ignoring the radio.But now as I got bored hearing the songs in the ipod, I turned back again to my random song generator box 🙂 and as a protest of negligence he refused to power on. 😦 Today I tuned in to the FM channels using my mobile phone and was surprised to hear so many new FM channels. When I write this, there are about 9 FM channels and more in the pipeline. Listing down the FM channels and their respective frequencies :-

1)Radio City – 91.1FM
2)Radio Indigo – 91.9FM
3)Big FM – 92.7FM
4)SFM(SunFM) – 93.5FM
5)Radio Mirchi – 98.3FM
6)FM Rainbow – 101.3FM
7)Vividh Bharathi – 102.9FM
8)Fever 104FM – 104FM
9)Gyanavani – 105.6FM

One advantage of FM radio is that you get to hear variety of programmes/interviews,traffic updates and so many songs,both new and old from different language and genres. I like the suspense or rather uncertainity involved in radio as you dont know which song will be played next. But the negative side is the whole lot of advertisement you need to hear to. But we cannot help it ,as FM radio is delivered free of cost to us.

January 1, 2007

Online Education for free

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Just stumbled upon this link (thanks to ‘Times of India’ newspaper).

Want top-notch education at the click of a mouse ? UC Berkeley known to be an outstanding school, especially for computer science have some of their lectures archived in the form of mp3,podcasts,video streams and posted on the web, all for FREE. Berkeley webcasts are a superb resource as they let you learn from amazing teachers and accomplished professionals.

The other link was of the MIT OpenCourseware. Its an excellent,free and open educational resource for educators, students and self learners around the world. Now you can access the valuable MIT resources without actually being there 🙂

I found both the links really valuable and worth sharing.

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